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I am named after the ostrich
And I also had nice feathers
These feathers kept me nice and warm
In most any kind of weather.

And big dinos would try to eat me
But in these dino legs I’d trust!
To save me from bad dino teeth
And leave them hungry in the dust!

For if there were a race of dinosaurs
No dino could outrace us!
Come meet the fastest dinosaur
That’s I — Struthiomimus!


I doubt you would have liked us
If we ever were to meet
For we hunters were quite happy
When it was our time to eat!

For there, upon each paw
Was a great, big sickle-claw!
That cut through meat just like a knife
They were the last things dinos saw!

And I should be very famous!
As I was featured in a movie
The “Velociraptors” in “Jurassic Park”
Were actually based on “yours truly”!

“Velociraptors” are our cousins
But they are rather small!
Those raptors stand at just three-feet!
Whereas I am five-feet tall!

And guess what — I also had feathers!
These mistakes are enough to fuss!
For get it right, you movie buffs —
My name’s Deinonychus!


My name is Compsognathus
But you can call me Compy!
I know my real name is quite long
For one who is so tiny!

And I’ll tell you all about me:
I had lots of energy!
I jumped and ran and skipped on land
And was great at lizard catching!

For a dino I was very small
But I certainly was not the smallest!
In fact, where I lived – a big island
I was actually one of the tallest!

For I was the size of a turkey
And I ran upon two legs
And the babies I had were quite cute
When they hatched from their dino eggs!

So now you know about me
And know you cannot stomp on me!
For any book of dinosaurs
Wouldn’t be complete without a Compy!


What do you think
My big claws are for?
I’ll give you two hints:
Blood and gore!

And what do you think
These sharp teeth are for?
Look at my smile!
Need I say more!

And look at these feathers
What are they for?
They’re so I keep warm
So says the doctor!

And look at my legs
What are they for?
Here’s one more hint:
I’ll count down to four!

“Do not eat me!!!”
Most creatures implore!
But I’m sorry, that’s what I do!
I’m a Velociraptor!


If there were a school for dinosaurs
I’d be the first to join the chorus!
For no dino could sing like me
The loud Charonosaurus!

If I decided to give a shout
I’m sure you would hear about it!
For above my snout and to the clouds
My horn-like crest is mounted!

And as a horn; if I made a shout
It would travel through this hollow
And when it reached the open air
A sonic boom might follow!

For this big horn atop my head
Well, it’s a dino marvel!
For when I use my booming voice
A whole mile it might travel!

And I must say I am quite proud
That we dinos are the loudest!
For no dino can sing like us
And no dino can out-shout us!

For in the age of roaring dinosaurs
No dino could out-roar us!
So go and sing to your friends about
The loud Charonosaurus!


There are many words to describe me
But let us seek the perfect one
I think a good place to begin
Is my weight — at thirty tons!

And if you don’t know how much that is
I tell you, it’s real heavy!
Imagine five big elephants
All sitting in one belly!

As no dino was quite like me
I towered in the sky!
My neck stretched out like a giraffe’s
Except over twice as high!

And, yes, I was extremely strong
And my body was real long
From head to tail, some ninety feet
That’s basketball court long!

So as you see, I was quite big
And reached for leaves so high
You would have had to climb a tree
To see these pretty eyes!

And have yours found that perfect word?
If not, grab a thesaurus!
And under “HUGE” I’m sure you’ll find
A word for me – Brachiosaurus!


On our backs we have great plates
And on our tails we have great spikes
The plates stop dinos biting
And the spikes make them yell “yikes”!

For we are the Stegosaurus!
And if you ever saw us
We were as a giant as a school-bus
Our bony beauty was a bonus!

For the plates protect our backs
And the spikes help us attack!
For if a dino tried to bite us —
With my tail I’d say – “Take that!”

But mostly we were gentle
We liked to eat some shrubs
And in that Jurassic period
We made Stegosaurus love!

Because if you ever saw us
You would, of course, adore us!
So celebrate dinos with plates:
“Hurray for Stegosaurus!”