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King Cobra

king cobra

There are many kinds of snakes:
There’s vipers, adders, boas…
But none’s as cool
As this snake that rules:
The long, deadly, King Cobra!

When I’m surprised
I raise head high
And stretch my neck out wide
It’s just my way
To simply say:

I’m not your friend
Touch me – you’re dead!
My fangs are filled with venom!
Like lightning strikes
I’ve a quick bite
I’m a snake to stay away from!

I’m unique, cool,
But this snake rules…
By causing lots of fear!
So now you know
The King Cobra
Is a snake not to be near!


Orangutan photo

The ape that is first-rate
Is the Orangutan!
It’s fair to state…
I’m not just GREAT…
I AM!!!

Up in the trees
If you do see
Swinging orangutans…

From down below
Just wave hello!
You’re sure to be our fan!

For it is great
To be an ape
As AWESOME as I am!
Gray face, red arms…
Can’t help but charm…


Wonderpus by Jenny Huang from Taipei

Within the sea
There’s no beauty
Like the wondrous Wonderpus
My slender arms
Can’t help but charm
The brave and curious.

For can you spot
My cute white spots?
They’re simply marvelous!
And if you sketched
Me as I stretched
Your art would be gorgeous!

The ocean’s star
With eight long arms
A type of octopus –
But I’m the type
That’s worth the hype –
The pretty Wonderpus!!!



I’m orange, white
A cute delight
I avoid enemies
By swimming through
The tentacles
Of sea anemones!

You’ll know my type
By my white stripes
We color up a reef
But don’t get close
Because my host
Is quite the stinging thief!

I’m world renowned
I could be crowned
The prettiest of fish!
So just enjoy
The swimming joy
That is the sweet clownfish!



I often climb
In a straight line
To the top of a tree
And I’m the type
Whose tail is striped
And also quite bushy!

I’m not afraid
To tip and raid
A smelly garbage can
I’ll fill my gut
With bugs and nuts
Whatever I can stand!

And you may ask
Who with black mask
Crawls under a bright moon
That would be I!
The savvy, sly,
Night-crawling, masked raccoon!



From wing to wing
We’re amazing
The longest bird across!
You don’t know size
Until your eyes
Have seen an albatross!

When they expand
My great wingspan
Uses technique sublime
I fly all day
In such a way
My wings flap not one time!

A true bird lover
Would discover
This bird that’s enormous
To come across
An albatross
Is to behold what’s gorgeous!

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Big, long, strong, lean
And very mean
I am the polar bear
You’ll know me by
My dark brown eyes
And beautiful white hair

So powerful
All do tremble
When I am hunting near
Are you aware
The largest bear
Is one to flee and fear?

And I live in
The great North Pole
A place that’s super cold
Big whales and seals
Make fatty meals
Til I’m thirty years old

I dig and pounce
My foes I trounce
I fight for cub and dinner
For ten straight days
I swim away
A great long-distance swimmer!

And if you believe
You may perceive
A polar bear near you
With our sharp claws
And massive jaws
You’d best be in a zoo!

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

If you are cut
Best cover-up!
If you want to survive!
Because some fish
Will search and sniff
On wounded meat we thrive!

One can’t break free
From a frenzy
If we’re on the rampage
A dozen will
Attack and kill
Bloodlust is all the rage!

Not just a snip –
We large Whitetip
Will actively devour
We bite and thrash
Until one’s gash
Is bones within the hour!

Nurse Shark

Nurse Shark

Electric waves
Beneath the waves
It’s how a shark can see
No need for eyes
You can’t disguise
One flinch can be deadly!

Through motion, smell,
A shark can tell
Just where a small fish hides
To stay or flee?
It’s not easy…
On one’s life one decides!

We sniff around
Along the ground
And come out when it’s dark
Will fish disperse
Where I traverse?
I’m the deadly nurse shark!