Armored armadillos
Look how fast we go!
Honestly, compared to we,
You humans move so slow!

We’re quick,
We’re strong,
We have long claws,
We just can’t see that well!

But we’re the peak
Of what’s unique
Inside a bony shell!

So if you see
Those big, cute, ears
That long and slender nose

Be sure to state
How we’re first-rate
Because, of course,
We know!

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No road to toads is ever long
We hop along! We croak our songs!
Our legs are long! Our legs are strong!
And yet on roads…
We don’t belong!

For though our legs be long and strong
And though we’re great – don’t get me wrong!
This toad’s one wish
Is not to go “SQUISH!
But so go toads…
Where cars roll on!!!



Instead of jaws
I use big claws
And a long, killer tail

This bug’s not nice
I catch and strike
My tail’s as sharp as nails!

For it’s not fun
When you’ve been stung
By a bad scorpion…

My tail is quick
It makes you sick…
Because it has venom!!!

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

All the buzz
Is just because
There is no bug like me

I fly around
With butt that’s round
A pretty fine hiney

And don’t you know
I’m black, yellow
And look a bit fuzzy

But here’s the thing
That butt can sting –
I am not cuddly!

So do not touch
I don’t ask much –
But that you don’t bug me!

Because I am
A garden’s gem
The pretty bumble bee!

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

All the buzz
Is just because
There is no bug like me

This bug survives
Within a hive
By making sweet honey

I work all day
So that I may
Provide for my great queen

She is a beaut
Yes super cute
The biggest bug I’ve seen!

So if you see
A honey bee
In service to his queen

Just give me space
And do not chase
It kills me to be mean!