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George Washington

Many of my readers come from GB… such a relatively small place… yet so tremendously literate and interested in poetry 🙂 … well, those dear readers… just look away — here’s a poem for the Yankees!!!… though, truth be told, it features a little nod to the Scots and Aussies ;-)…

George Washington

The President – who’s number one –
Is our George Washington!
This man was bright
He knew what’s right
And, of course, that’s…

With our army
Through storms and freeze
He made the British run!
And at Yorktown
He took them down
America –

And so began
Through this great man
The great United States!
He shipped red coats
And gave us votes –
A democratic nation!

And though today
We go to games
And have a ton of fun!
Let’s not forget
The FIRST!!!
The BEST!!!
Thank you –
George Washington!!!