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Why am I the god most fun?
For one, I created horses!
To run, and play, and neigh away
And for you to sit your butt on!

Hello! My name is Poseidon!
I’m the god of earthquakes, horses, and the sea!
But the most important thing you should know
Is that you should never make me angry!

As I have an army of sea monsters:
Giant squids, sharks, and sea-serpents
And in my hand: a three-pronged spear
That is called the mighty trident!

For as I point it to the sky
Hurricanes and waves I make!
But when I touch it to the ground
The earth breaks and quakes and shakes!

For if you’re sailing in the sea
And there’s somewhere you need to go…
You had better be real nice to me
Or to that ocean floor you’ll go!

So if you’re asked to pick a favorite god
And wonder who you should decide on
If you think you might sail on a boat
You had best pick me — the great Poseidon!