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Midas, the king,
He loved his gold rings
He wished everything
Was gold like his rings!
He called to the gods:
“I love gold so much!
Could you make everything
Gold that I touch?”

And just then he touched
The bark of a tree
And what did he see?
But gold branches and leaves!
This made Midas happy!
He cried joyfully:
“I must touch it all!
So it’s only gold that I see!”

He touched all the bushes, the roads, and the trees!
He chased down the squirrels, and made gold bumble-bees
And just when he finished, and all the world was just gold
He had to tell his daughter of all this gold that she’d hold!

And just as he arrived,
His daughter hugged him!
For she loved her father
More than she loved anything!
But can you imagine —- that smile on her face?
And the golden look that it had —- as they made that embrace!

For this is the story
Of Midas, the king
Who said to the gods: “All I want is some gold!”
He has all of those riches
And a world full of gold
But he would give it all up — if just once more—
He had a daughter to hold.