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Isn’t this a great, big world?
I refer, of course, to the Underworld!
That is the place I call my home
The great, big place where the dead people roam!

And who would be its head, but me!
Ruler of the dead – that’s me! – Hades!
And what else would I call my home?
But the greatest name of all – after me – Hades!

So why am I the coolest god?
For one, I own a huge puppy!
Cerberus guards the gates to the dead
But instead of one — he has three heads!

And I also own the coolest hat!
It’s called the helm of invisibility
And can you guess why it’s called that?
When I wear it — no one can see me!

And all the dead must meet Charon
Who down the River Styx sails on
And though many cry to him “SAVE ME!”
He brings all the dead to ME – HADES!