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“Meow” said the cat to the cow
“Moo” said the cow to the goose
And the goose honked “hi”
While two birds lullabied
But when the ghost said “Boo!”
They all cried:

Mermaid 2

mermaid by john william waterhouse

Beyond the shore
Two pretty eyes
That simply are to die for…
With just one look
My heart was hooked
And wrapped in rapt desire…

Some warn avoid
Alluring joy
That swims beyond one’s reach…
And yet I know
With heart aflow
How currents stir… beseech…

And so I dive
To be alive
Is to swim within love’s depths…
That hope it gives
Provides a man new breath…

For here within
A great ocean
A siren sings and swims…
My body braves
Those tidal waves
Stirred by her face and fin…

This is no tale
That girl with tail
I know just where she wades…
Where sea foam meets
Happy heart beats
There lives a fine mermaid.


Thirsty? Drink with Circe!
I love to have a feast!
But first things first — what I need to do
Is turn you into a beast!

As I like when you are hairy!
Without that sword —- you are not scary!
As after we meet — you’ll have four feet
It’s all quite ordinary!

For Circe is quite beautiful
But I like my belly full!
For when we meet,
I’ll just have to eat
But as an animal!

So do you want to be a bat?
Or perhaps a little rat?
Perhaps Circe
Will have mercy
And choose to eat you as a cat!

So come and drink with me!
And find out what you’ll be!
Will you meow?
Or will you oink?
My belly will soon tell me!


The very best news
Is to meet a muse
As we guide your imagination!

We help you choose
The best thing to do
And we help in its creation!

There is no excuse
To yell: “what’s the use!”
When you hear a muse’s music!

For each muse inspires
Your heart’s desires
And your brain – we help you use it!

So be amused
When you meet a muse
As we are as wonderful as we seem!

With just a little belief
In your beautiful muse
You can live just what you dream!


I am the god of light and sun
Of music and prophecy
And I’m the god of this here blog
For I’m the god of poetry!

I always shave and I’m very brave
The original dragon slayer!
But you know what makes me so unique?
I’m the very best music player!

For I’m the best singer in the world
And my favorite instrument is the lyre
I pluck, and play, and sing away
About both heartbreak and desire!

And I bet you can’t see what I can see
As I can see things in the future!
And with these pretty, boyish, looks
What I see
Is me —
Getting smooches!

For when you hear your favorite tune
And have a rhythm you like to follow
Go ahead and nod your head
To the beat
When you meet Apollo!


Why am I the god most fun?
For one, I created horses!
To run, and play, and neigh away
And for you to sit your butt on!

Hello! My name is Poseidon!
I’m the god of earthquakes, horses, and the sea!
But the most important thing you should know
Is that you should never make me angry!

As I have an army of sea monsters:
Giant squids, sharks, and sea-serpents
And in my hand: a three-pronged spear
That is called the mighty trident!

For as I point it to the sky
Hurricanes and waves I make!
But when I touch it to the ground
The earth breaks and quakes and shakes!

For if you’re sailing in the sea
And there’s somewhere you need to go…
You had better be real nice to me
Or to that ocean floor you’ll go!

So if you’re asked to pick a favorite god
And wonder who you should decide on
If you think you might sail on a boat
You had best pick me — the great Poseidon!


You have read of many gods
But let me introduce
The greatest god of them all
That’s me — the mighty Zeus!

Of all the gods, I am their king!
I rule the clouds and sky
I am skilled in both love and war
I’m the one god you don’t defy!

For if you choose to get on my bad side
I have these great, big thunderbolts
Which I hurl down from the heavens
And give my enemies a jolt!

I’m also the great shape-shifter
I like to change into many forms:
Eagles, snakes, and beautiful swans,
Large rams, and bulls with horns!

And though I’m married to my sister
Pretty girls I love to seduce!
For I never said I was perfect!
I’m the great, but naughty, Zeus!


I have the body of a man
And the head of a bull
What most people say
Is that I look really awful!

For when I was born
The king said:
“What an eyesore!
Get this half-bull out of here!
I don’t want to see him anymore!”

And so they locked me up inside
This large maze called “The Labyrinth”
It is the largest maze ever made
And no one can get out of it!

Inside, I’ve grown to be very mean
And all who see me cower
The king locks people in with me
For me to chop up and devour!

For beware this creature with large horns
If they push you in and lock that door!
For all who enter always run away
From this bullish creature with human prey!

So grab a weapon and say a prayer
If you get lost — I’m hiding there!
As I’ll let you know what you’re in for:
Lots of horror! And buckets of gore!

For in “The Labyrinth”, watch your back!
I’m the bullish beast who attacks with axe!
For I hope you’re skilled in the art of war
As no one escapes me — the Minotaur!


You have probably heard of many things:
Mermaids, dragons, one-eyed men…
But I ask you – have you heard of me?
I am Pegasus – the horse with wings!

And what’s so great about a horse with wings?
I tell you – I think it’s everything!
How I can fly so high in the sky
And how I’m the ride of the best “good guys”!

For while the monsters crawl below
The “good guy” rides me with his golden bow
And up from high up in that sky
He shoots arrows while the monsters die!

For each hero wants the greatest horse
And, of course, the greatest horse is me
The white, strong, horse with angel wings
This horse, of course, is what’s called — AMAZING!