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English Mastiff


My mass and weight
Are huge and great
This dog is simply massive!
But don’t you fret
This loving pet
Is gentle, kind, and passive!

Sure, my huge size
Can terrify
But I promise, “don’t me nervous”!
To all who ask
Behind black mask
To love is my great purpose!

Big hugs I prize
And with soft eyes
I’ll tell you life’s a gift!
That is best spent
With a giant,
Lovable Mastiff!



A Brittany
Is quite simply
A most amazing dog!
I have a part
In warming hearts
In one’s thoughts I belong!

I’ll chew a shoe
And I love you!
Of this, there is no doubt!
On time or late
By door I wait
And when you leave I pout!

Don’t make me cry!
You see these eyes?
They’re filled with love for you!
So let’s go run!
And have some fun!
That’s all I want to do!

I’m fortunate
A most loved pet!
My heart beats happily!
Where love is strong
Not just a dog,
But part of family!

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Have you heard?
I’m born to herd!
Most sheep think I am bossy!
But I’ll obey
Please just say “play!”
No playmate like an Aussie!

I’m lots of fun!
I roll and run,
I’m charming and vivacious!
But I need space
To jump and chase
I hope your yard is spacious!

I’m quick to learn
Your love I earn!
My heart’s set on your trail!
With you I strut
And wag my butt
For I’ve a tiny tail!

And when I see
That great Frisbee
You know it’s mine to catch!
With furry spark
And loving bark
Your heart and mine attached!


English Pointer

I stop and show
Like an arrow
Just where that rodent went!
As it’s a gift
I get real stiff
A picture perfect moment!

But I’m not done!
I’m also fun!
Just keep me really active!
And if you’re down
Have me around
My loving is proactive!

And in a life
Of joy and strife
With many tips and pointers
Don’t think twice
Take my advice
Just love your loving Pointer!

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The Frenchie is
A happy dog
I love to play and scoot!

A loyal chap
I’ll warm your lap
Acting all proud and cute!

I’m no puzzle
Just want snuggles!
A most adoring pooch!

Is that a ball?
How it enthralls!
I’ll hold it by a tooth!

I’m quite goofy
And so funny
For this dog you must root!

As a Frenchie’s
Your best buddy
My grunts say, “That’s the truth!”

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer
In short, the G.S.P.
By any name
This dog can claim
To be great company!

Athletic, energetic!
Please give me room to roam!
But when we’re done
With my fun run
Lets’ snuggle in the home!

Is time that’s spent
With this comedian
In every trait
I think I’d rate
This dog a perfect ten!



Stoic and heroic
For rescues you will send
This winner
And great swimmer
The awesome Newfoundland!

When under lots of water
I’ll place you on my back
I’m buoyant
So enjoy it!
Rescuing’s my knack!

And though I’m quite enormous
With kids I’m careful, kind
No better dog
For wee toddlers
Than this giant canine!

So enjoy this massive joy
And all the moments that we spend
With big love
We’ll have great fun!
The gentle Newfoundland!