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You would know me if you saw me
For I was born with three great horns
Two of them were above my eyes
And the third above my nose

I was the size of an elephant
And charged a lot like a rhino
This was to protect me from the T-Rex
Who was one scary dino!

And atop my head was a great big frill
Like a big protective shield
Just below it were those two long horns
My main weapons in the field!

But you know I did not want to fight
I was what you call a herbivore
This means that I ate vegetables
Instead of other dinosaurs

But sometimes, well, I had to fight
So I used my horns and size
I slashed and charged and used my beak
To take the T-Rex by surprise!

And though my head was mighty big
The biggest head ever on land
The brain in it was mighty small
Only about the size of a kid’s hand

And now you know a little more
About me and who I am
And so I hope you’ll tell your friends
This last part if you can:

For many know of dinosaurs
But few know who was tops
And now, of course, you know it was I —
The great Triceratops!