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In the age of dinosaurs
I could soar into the sky
Because I had two wings
That enabled me to fly!

I am the Pteranodon
The terror of the skies!
If you ever saw me
You might be terrified!

For when I spread my wings
I am twenty-feet wide
A reptile with that wing-span
Would it make you run and hide?

But do not fear me too much
If through the time machine we meet
For my beak is about the size of you
But, alas, it has no teeth!

And I would not have eaten you
I preferred to hunt some fish
Unless you did not have a clue
And dressed up as a fish!

And guess what was atop my head
But a great and beautiful crest
And this is why the ladies said
That this guy looked the best!

And unlike all your modern birds
We Pteranodons had no feathers
But I ask you – tiny hummingbird
Or gigantic me – which one is better?

And though my time has come and gone
Please remember me – the Pteranodon
To be honest, I was not a dinosaur
But compared to me, c’mon, they’re bores!