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There are many words to describe me
But let us seek the perfect one
I think a good place to begin
Is my weight — at thirty tons!

And if you don’t know how much that is
I tell you, it’s real heavy!
Imagine five big elephants
All sitting in one belly!

As no dino was quite like me
I towered in the sky!
My neck stretched out like a giraffe’s
Except over twice as high!

And, yes, I was extremely strong
And my body was real long
From head to tail, some ninety feet
That’s basketball court long!

So as you see, I was quite big
And reached for leaves so high
You would have had to climb a tree
To see these pretty eyes!

And have yours found that perfect word?
If not, grab a thesaurus!
And under “HUGE” I’m sure you’ll find
A word for me – Brachiosaurus!