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Who should you discuss?
Why not me? The octopus!

Who is all the fuss?
Why not me? The octopus!

Who is venomous?
Why, that’s me! The octopus!

Because who is fabulous?
Well, of course – the octopus!

For I am such a spectacle!
With these eight grasping tentacles!
And even before you can blink!
I can shoot a fish with a jet of ink!

As octopus are devious!
And ever so ingenious!
For few animals are quite so smart
As we octopus who have three hearts!

As we are masters of disguise!
There is no place I cannot hide!
I can fit my body anywhere!
And there are so many colors that I wear!

For an octopus can color its skin
To any color that blends in!
For if suddenly I disappear
Look very close — I may still be near!

For an octopus is fabulous!
Marvelous and dangerous!
And though my beak is venomous
This octopus is stupendous!