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Moray Eel

Most of the time I like to hide
Between the rocks is where I reside
That is the place I call my home
And this is a fish you should leave alone!

For do not stick your hand in cracks
That is my home! Do you understand?
Too many don’t, so I pop out!
And as I do – I bite off that hand!

As I’m the fish who looks like a snake!
And all should look at me with awe!
For my mouth is like an alien’s
Believe it or not! I have two sets of jaws!

My first set of jaws does all the biting
And then my hidden teeth take that meal down!
Right down into this great, long belly
If you weren’t scared at first – are you scared now?

Because, obviously, of all the fish
I am what’s called: “a really big deal”!
For inside all my snake-like beauty
Is the hidden smile of this Moray Eel!