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Mermaid 2

mermaid by john william waterhouse

Beyond the shore
Two pretty eyes
That simply are to die for…
With just one look
My heart was hooked
And wrapped in rapt desire…

Some warn avoid
Alluring joy
That swims beyond one’s reach…
And yet I know
With heart aflow
How currents stir… beseech…

And so I dive
To be alive
Is to swim within love’s depths…
That hope it gives
Provides a man new breath…

For here within
A great ocean
A siren sings and swims…
My body braves
Those tidal waves
Stirred by her face and fin…

This is no tale
That girl with tail
I know just where she wades…
Where sea foam meets
Happy heart beats
There lives a fine mermaid.


When I think of you, my mermaid
There’s an ocean in my chest
Swirling schools, sunlit rays, parading shrimp, orca play, coral blooms, moonstruck waves…
Whales echo and the tides caress…

Oh! That flowing feeling!
That flows in flows through me
My rising chest; that breaching heart; that gentle source, but stirring force; its inner start, but to every part…
Chilled skin! Blown chest! Thumped heart!

Within my core, you are its source, that rising, tidal force…
I shiver, I tremble, I waver…
Your eyes; as waves; I’m tossed!

Do I dare to risk more depths?
I dive! But how! This breath…
I sink within your beauty
My breath… those depths… deepest…
Mermaid! This is not drowning!
What I truly mean to say:
Is that within that ocean within me
I’ve never felt such life.

I know we are too different
And we are two worlds apart
But when I think of you, my mermaid
An ocean rises from my heart.