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Hammerhead Shark


What would the sea
Be without me?
The awesome hammerhead
My beauty, grace
And unique face
Are underwater heaven!

The ocean’s jewel
Within a school
Our beauty is stunning
And when we hunt
Poor fish confront
A shark who’s fast and cunning

Our nifty heads
Can look ahead
Upwards, downwards, behind!
This unique trait
Makes hunting great
A ravishing design!

And though some might
Prefer Great Whites
I hope you’ll say instead
Based on merit
That your favorite’s
The drop-dead Hammerhead!

Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark

Swimming in the ocean
Underneath the waves
A hungry shark stalks little fish
And sends them to their graves

For amongst the squid and stingray
I’ve heard it often said
That the scariest fish within the sea
Is the one with the flat head

For if you are a little fish
And prefer not to be dead
Stay away from this weird shark
Or the waters will turn red!

As to use a common idiom:
You’ve hit the nail upon its head
When you say the fiercest shark
Is the awesome hammerhead!