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In our lifespan
Our size expands
And one eye changes places
Then how we swim
When life begins
Changes with our new faces.

For as we grow
One eye will go
To the flip side of our heads
It’s very strange
How we will change
Into flat fish instead!

To help us hide
Both of our sides
Will also change their colors!
Just simply put
We Halibut
Are fish quite like no other!


This fish is very strange
For our eyes we rearrange!
One day we swim just like most fish
And the next — swim flat like a dish!

For we are the halibut!
On your dinner plates we’re put!
But before we’re there — oh, don’t be scared
But I’m the fish with the shifting glare!

For think about most fish
With one eye upon each side
When we are born we look that way
But then— one eye— it switches sides!

As my right eye will join the other!
And what was my left becomes top-side!
I know it’s strange, but it’s how I change!
I now swim flat with my body wide!

So if one day you wake up
And wonder where one eye’s been put!
Do not fear — just check near your ear!
Perhaps you’ve become a halibut!