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Great White Shark

Great White Shark2

When it’s “Shark Week”
You need to speak
Of the most famous shark!
I use surprise
Roll back my eyes
Rise from the deep and dark!

For if I feel
You are a seal
And have you in my sight
I guarantee
You won’t see me
Until I take that bite!

And if I do
I won’t pursue
You have a nasty flavor!
Rays, dolphins, seals,
Make tasty meals
The fatty foods I savor!

The speeds I reach
The way I breach
How I can jump in air!
Few fish will know
A greater foe
My sharp teeth will ensnare!

This predator
Loves blood and gore
The ocean’s greatest fright!
With speed, strength, might,
And killer bite
I’m the fearsome Great White!

Great White Shark

I am very awesome
With my gigantic jaws!
I use them to catch my prey
Like a cat would with her paws!

But first I start at depths quite deep
Looking up as I do creep…
And then quite fast at an angle steep
From the ocean I will leap!

And hopefully as I make that leap
Up from that ocean deep!
I have bit into a great big seal
Who is stuck between my teeth!

For I am the greatest, biggest, best
The terror of the ocean!
There are no sharks as mean as I!
None can breach with such devotion!

I am the biggest of fish predators!
I rise from the deep and dark!
And all in the ocean must beware
Of me — the Great White Shark!