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I’m orange, white
A cute delight
I avoid enemies
By swimming through
The tentacles
Of sea anemones!

You’ll know my type
By my white stripes
We color up a reef
But don’t get close
Because my host
Is quite the stinging thief!

I’m world renowned
I could be crowned
The prettiest of fish!
So just enjoy
The swimming joy
That is the sweet clownfish!


Note: This poem is about clownfish being hermaphrodites (they can change gender). Some parents may find it unsuitable for small children.

The clownfish
Is a magic fish
We have the power of changing our gender!
As each boy fish
Has a simple wish
And that is to become a lady clownfish!

Poof! A male’s a female!
It’s the wish of every male clownfish!
For if you don’t believe this simple tale
Then you’ve never checked the tail of a clownfish!

Wee! A he’s a she!
And all the males say: “Let me see!”
So seize the day!
And seize the way!
Of the dual beautiful clownfish!

For what’s right
About we hermaphrodites!
Is that we’re filled with a beautiful color
And though we often clown while we swim around!
It’s no joke that our brothers become lovers!