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Blue Whale

In the Pacific and Atlantic
Lives a creature so fantastic
That if you ever saw me:
You’d say: “Wow, she’s gigantic!”

For if you made a list of animals
Ever to exist
And then you sorted them by size
I would be the biggest!

I am the great, big, blue whale!
The largest from head to tail!
And if you were to weigh me
I think I’d break your scale!

For I’m larger than the dinosaurs!
And have really funny teeth!
Unlike you, who likes to chew
I get food stuck in my teeth!

But that’s the way I like to eat!
I swallow tiny krill
Up to forty million in a day
My great, big belly fills!

But the best feature of this creature
Is not my great, big size!
I know that’s what I’m known for
But have you seen my pretty eyes?