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Stare a barracuda down
And I may make you frown!
I’m lean and slick
And lightning quick
In sharp teeth I abound!

If you’re bright
Don’t pick a fight!
In quickness I astound!
Before you know
A toothed arrow
Has swallowed some skin down!

You’re not my prey
So stay away
I’m not the fish to dare!
For if you care
You’d best beware
A barracuda’s glare!



When you see
A barracuda
You know what to do
Give me space
So I can chase
A fish to bite in two!

When on the hunt
For jacks or grunts
I use short bursts of speed
I’m long and lean
And very mean
A scary fish, indeed!

For when fish see
A barracuda
In the ocean blue
Most panic
For I’m too quick
I catch what I pursue!