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For early readers… focus on “i” vowel…

What did Sid the squid do?
He ate a fish in there!
His momma hid that little fish
But Sid the squid don’t care!!!


Wonderpus by Jenny Huang from Taipei

Within the sea
There’s no beauty
Like the wondrous Wonderpus
My slender arms
Can’t help but charm
The brave and curious.

For can you spot
My cute white spots?
They’re simply marvelous!
And if you sketched
Me as I stretched
Your art would be gorgeous!

The ocean’s star
With eight long arms
A type of octopus –
But I’m the type
That’s worth the hype –
The pretty Wonderpus!!!

Mermaid 2

mermaid by john william waterhouse

Beyond the shore
Two pretty eyes
That simply are to die for…
With just one look
My heart was hooked
And wrapped in rapt desire…

Some warn avoid
Alluring joy
That swims beyond one’s reach…
And yet I know
With heart aflow
How currents stir… beseech…

And so I dive
To be alive
Is to swim within love’s depths…
That hope it gives
Provides a man new breath…

For here within
A great ocean
A siren sings and swims…
My body braves
Those tidal waves
Stirred by her face and fin…

This is no tale
That girl with tail
I know just where she wades…
Where sea foam meets
Happy heart beats
There lives a fine mermaid.



I’m orange, white
A cute delight
I avoid enemies
By swimming through
The tentacles
Of sea anemones!

You’ll know my type
By my white stripes
We color up a reef
But don’t get close
Because my host
Is quite the stinging thief!

I’m world renowned
I could be crowned
The prettiest of fish!
So just enjoy
The swimming joy
That is the sweet clownfish!

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

If you are cut
Best cover-up!
If you want to survive!
Because some fish
Will search and sniff
On wounded meat we thrive!

One can’t break free
From a frenzy
If we’re on the rampage
A dozen will
Attack and kill
Bloodlust is all the rage!

Not just a snip –
We large Whitetip
Will actively devour
We bite and thrash
Until one’s gash
Is bones within the hour!