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Komodo dragon

I may not breathe fire
But I flick my tongue with rapid-fire!
And true I don’t grab princesses
It’s fat pigs that I desire!
And instead of mountain reaches
You will find me chilling on the beaches!
But one thing we have in common?
Is the ferocity of “dragon”!

It’s as though a wizard made a lizard
But this dragon is no myth!
I’m just the largest lizard of all
Of the greatest length and greatest width!
And I point my head up to the air
To prove I do not care
For I know I’m cool
Have lizard rule
With sharp teeth and killer stare!

For we may not have those wings!
And we may not breathe that fire!
But in addition to fat pigs
It’s their fans that we desire!
So go ahead and hop upon
The greatest of bandwagons
And cheer the mightiest lizards of all!
The great Komodo dragons!