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King Cobra

king cobra

There are many kinds of snakes:
There’s vipers, adders, boas…
But none’s as cool
As this snake that rules:
The long, deadly, King Cobra!

When I’m surprised
I raise head high
And stretch my neck out wide
It’s just my way
To simply say:

I’m not your friend
Touch me – you’re dead!
My fangs are filled with venom!
Like lightning strikes
I’ve a quick bite
I’m a snake to stay away from!

I’m unique, cool,
But this snake rules…
By causing lots of fear!
So now you know
The King Cobra
Is a snake not to be near!



When danger’s near
We snakes appear
To hold our heads up high
That’s how we say
“Please go away”
No need for you to die!

You see my hood?
It says you should
Back away from me!
And if I hiss
You’d be amiss
Not to turn and flee!

But if you try
To grab this guy
Bad venom I’ll inject
It won’t just hurt
You’ll hit the dirt
Too late to learn respect…