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Wombat butt!
Wombat butt!
Rock hard
As a coconut!
Open door!
Close it shut!
“Don’t come in!”
Says the wombat butt!

“Hut! Hut! Hut!”
Wombat butt!
“Hut! Hut! Hut!”
Wombat butt!
When it’s 4th and Goal
You know what’s up?
The defensive end
Of the wombat butt!

Dingoes go to the wombat hut
Looking for a tasty snack
But the hole to the hut’s been specially cut
Just the size of a wombat’s butt!

So when the dingoes come to eat
The butt’s the door those dingoes meet
And if one knocks the butt might greet
With a knockout butt and a knockout beat!

A butt to the face
“Go away dingo face!”
A butt to the face
“Stay away from my place!”

A butt to the face
“Give rabbits a chase!”
A butt to the face
“Don’t make me fart in your face!”

So now you know of the strongest butt
I’m referring to the wombat’s butt!
For wombat butts are hard and tough
They act just like a door slammed shut!

So when you see a wombat strut
With a butt as hard as a coconut
Know that is one happy strut
For I am proud of my wombat butt!