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Sloth Bear

I have black ears like pom-poms
And a grey bottle-like snout
I may look kind of strange
But that’s what I’m all about.

Although I’m a big bear
Five to six feet long
You know what I like to eat?
The things that crawl along.

First, give me an ant
And then give me a termite
And when they’re in season
A mango or fig for my delight.

If you ever get to see me
Look down at my black paws,
You may be quite surprised to see
That I have these white curly claws.

But you know, I don’t need a pedicure
It’s just the funny way I look
And by the way, I’m also famous
Featured in the “Jungle Book”.

And though you should never ask a lady one
As a guy, I may be so bold…
If you ever wanted to know…
I am actually 40 years old!

And alas if you were ever confused
And you wanted to know which bear were the best
No need to search far and wide,
It’s me – the bear with the big “V” on his chest!

So when you see that bear
With that long, lovely stare
With loud “kerfump” noises
I’ll be sure to make you aware

That of all the animals
Whose memory you’ll ever get to share
There’s no one quite like me
The ever adorable sloth bear!