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Ring-tailed lemur

Male Ring-tailed lemurs
In a big fight ring
Circle around
To see who will be king

What are our weapons?
What do we bring?
The tale’s in the tale of the tail with rings!

Go ahead now and smell your armpit
Does it smell funny?
Even just a bit?
For every male lemur is heavily armed
For on his arm is a smell
That can do a nose harm!

So when we lemurs
Are in a big fight ring
We rub our long tails
On our arms to bring
A horrible smell at the tip of our tails
Which we point at our foes
So they’re forced to inhale!

“Eeeeeewwwww…..” they yell!

So in this contest
The lemur to finish first
Is wouldn’t you guess?
The lemur who stinks the worst!

For we use that smell
To make other noses swell
And to those lemur ladies
That be all fine and well!

For to a lemur princess
The prince who is the best
Is also the lemur
Who stinks the smelliest.

So if you want to be a king
And you are a lemur
All you have to bring
Is “da’ stink” and nothing more!