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Red Panda

My bushy tail
It cannot fail
To raise the cuteness factor!

My pretty face
Has whiskers, grace –
A mask just like an actor!

And my red hair
Beyond compare!
The best in furry fashion!

Because I’m fun –
You see me run???
I’m awesomeness in action!

So show some love
For red pandas
We’ll give your smiles traction!

For when you see
Little ole’ me!
Smiles… and laughs… they’ll happen!!!

Red Panda

She said that a red panda
Came by our store today
But what she came to buy
The lady could not say!

She said that the red panda
Was speaking in red panda
And that she could not understand
A word of the red panda!

So I asked her what she looked like
And this was her reply
That the beauty of the red panda
Made her the cutest animal alive!

She said imagine a raccoon
Who is the color of a fox
But as beautiful as the full moon
With black fur for all her stockings!

With a body of fur red
With the exception of her head
Which has a mask of alabaster
And white ears to contrast that red

And a face that is so cute
That it almost made her faint
Imagine an animal so beautiful
That she thought she were a saint!

But with that she stopped her tale
And looked over at two shoes
They matched that lovely tail
She screamed “Oh no! We sell striped shoes!”

So since that day we’ve manned
The cash register with Amanda
And we only hired her because
She said she speaks red panda!

So if you are a red panda
Please come to buy our shoes
Because although we didn’t understand you
We are now grand fans of you!