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Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Big, long, strong, lean
And very mean
I am the polar bear
You’ll know me by
My dark brown eyes
And beautiful white hair

So powerful
All do tremble
When I am hunting near
Are you aware
The largest bear
Is one to flee and fear?

And I live in
The great North Pole
A place that’s super cold
Big whales and seals
Make fatty meals
Til I’m thirty years old

I dig and pounce
My foes I trounce
I fight for cub and dinner
For ten straight days
I swim away
A great long-distance swimmer!

And if you believe
You may perceive
A polar bear near you
With our sharp claws
And massive jaws
You’d best be in a zoo!

Polar bear

I am the Polar Bear
And I live way up there!
Up in the North Pole!
That’s the place I call my lair!

I love the freezing water
I’m the bear with the white hair!
Compared to my brown brothers
I’m the meanest of the bears!

And if you ever see me
Do not near me, do not dare!
I’m twice the size of a tiger
And they would not have a prayer!

For I am the Polar Bear
I make every animal scared!
Of all of the land predators
I’m the largest — so beware!

Because up in icy landscape
Where those seals are dinner fare
I will sit atop those ice flows
Waiting for one to come for air!

And if a seal comes near me
With big claws, I will ensnare
I know it’s bad for that poor seal
But, c’mon! Fare is fare!

So now you know about me
I’m as beautiful as rare
And though I know I’m pretty mean
I’m still the best – I swear!