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From dawn to dusk
My ivory tusks
Help me in many ways
They fight my foes
Win beauty shows
They are a great display!

And my long trunk
Makes me a hunk!
It’s also versatile!
It bends and grabs
My food it nabs
Gives me a unique smile!

And you’d be right
To say I’m bright
We have intelligence!
Behind big ears
I think it’s clear
We act on common sense!

And so I know
With trumpet blows
You’ll cherish time that’s spent
Gazing the grazing,
Most amazing,
Grey, big, elephant!




Through stink and tell
I use my smell
To tell all, “Stay away!”
For all alone
I like to roam
So don’t get in my way!

My razor claws
Should give one pause
So you had best beware!
If I am seen
I’m vicious, mean,
I’ll fight wolf packs and bears!

I’m furry, long,
And super strong
A fierce fighting machine!
With killer jaws
And mighty paws
Stay clear the wolverine!



Watch out for me
The biggest cat!
The one you can’t ignore!
Beauty, strength, intelligence,
Black stripes and mighty roar!

When in combat
This orange cat’s
A fearsome carnivore!
When I am near
Deer disappear,
As do bison, goats, and boar!

With stinky pee
I’ll mark the trees
Through the forests I explore
Cats and bears
Had best beware
Intruders I deplore!

And with great size
My yellow eyes
Have courage, depth, allure
With grit and “grr”
The fierce tiger
Is a cat you will adore!



I’m the greatest of great apes
And now I’ll tell you why:
I may just make a funny face
If you look me in the eye!

I make art;
I’m super smart;
Swing high up in the sky!
I build nests
So I can rest
But, if needed, I am spry!

My arms are long;
I’m very strong!
My body’s red and hairy
I can eat
Both fruits and meat
But tigers are real scary!

And if you meet this playful treat
I’m sure you’ll understand
That no great ape is half as great
As the Orangutan!


The ferret is not bad
Don’t say that
It makes him sad!
For some of the best times I have had
Have been with my ferret lad!

The ferret is just mad
That rabbits are the fad!
He’s jealous
(just a tad)
But that does not mean he’s bad!

For he is my favorite lad
As furry as my dad!
And I am always glad
To be with
My ferret lad!


Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!
Watch us as we go!
Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!
Feel the ground below!

We are big, and we are strong
Have beards and big afros!
Atop our heads are mighty horns
As hooves gallop below!

We are stomping to be chomping
To grassy fields we go!
For there within that wild-west
We put on quite the show!

For as we go across the land
There’s something you must know:
No one shakes the ground below
Like we big, bad buffalo!


No rank ranks as high
As the rank from the skunk!


No rank ranks as high
As the rank from the skunk!


I’m sorry, I’m a Skunk
So I do stink!
I be the smelliest animal
Your nose will think!

I will bring your senses
Right to the brink!
Especially that smell
It will think I stink!

But that’s what I do!
I like to spray my smell
So be sure you dwell
Somewhere other than my smell!

And with that advice
May you please excuse!
Unless you want to smell
Let us bid farewell!