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Orangutan photo

The ape that is first-rate
Is the Orangutan!
It’s fair to state…
I’m not just GREAT…
I AM!!!

Up in the trees
If you do see
Swinging orangutans…

From down below
Just wave hello!
You’re sure to be our fan!

For it is great
To be an ape
As AWESOME as I am!
Gray face, red arms…
Can’t help but charm…



I’m the greatest of great apes
And now I’ll tell you why:
I may just make a funny face
If you look me in the eye!

I make art;
I’m super smart;
Swing high up in the sky!
I build nests
So I can rest
But, if needed, I am spry!

My arms are long;
I’m very strong!
My body’s red and hairy
I can eat
Both fruits and meat
But tigers are real scary!

And if you meet this playful treat
I’m sure you’ll understand
That no great ape is half as great
As the Orangutan!