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I have lots of spots
Like polka dots
That cover me from
Hoof to top

And atop my head
Are little horns
Not sharp,
But round instead

And I’ve heard it said
I like to spread
My front legs out
Far and wide

‘Cause due to size
I have to sink
So I spread them
Out to drink

And I do think
That my long neck
Is the longest neck
In the world

And I expect
It would impress
Both a Duchess
And an Earl.

And as a mom
Who has a calf
About half
Her mommy’s size

Can’t you see?
Isn’t it clear?
She has her
Mommy’s eyes!

So don’t you laugh
When you see a giraffe
There’s grace
Upon my face!

Unless I stick my
Tongue at you
For a sticky lick
Is my embrace!