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All is well with this gazelle
I’m amazing when I’m grazing
The grass I eat; new friends I meet
All is well when life’s amazing!

But when one comes
It’s on the run!
It’s hungry cheetah racing!
For they have speed
And gazelles they need
It’s not racing— it’s more like chasing!

They twist and turn
Each step they earn
Some space to win this race!
For cheetahs are fast
And they close fast
It’s not good to finish last!

But all is well with this gazelle
For I have all the speed I need
And that cheetah is pooped
That turn had him duped
And his pups are now complaining!

For the chase is done
This gazelle has won
And it’s back to lazy grazing
For all is well
With this gazelle
When life is just amazing!