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From dawn to dusk
My ivory tusks
Help me in many ways
They fight my foes
Win beauty shows
They are a great display!

And my long trunk
Makes me a hunk!
It’s also versatile!
It bends and grabs
My food it nabs
Gives me a unique smile!

And you’d be right
To say I’m bright
We have intelligence!
Behind big ears
I think it’s clear
We act on common sense!

And so I know
With trumpet blows
You’ll cherish time that’s spent
Gazing the grazing,
Most amazing,
Grey, big, elephant!


I’m the largest guy on land
With two big flapping ears
And these two long tusks
That I can use as spears!

I’m the hunk with the trunk!
Not as big as I am smart!
As smart as the great apes!
We have language and make art!

And my trunk is like your hands
Good for playing, grabbing, drinking,
I use it for most anything
Scratches my head when I am thinking!

And if you’re ever near me
Look for that big guy who is grey!
With my massive size and massive brains
I hope to make your day!

For I don’t think one can ever forget
The time that one has spent
Looking at the hunk with the trunk:
That’s me — the elephant!