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My favorite animal is the camel
For when I’m ever feeling in the dumps
This golden animal always saves me
Her sense of humor gets me over that hump!

For why am I ever in the dumps?
Well, sometimes, some people are mean
Some people just act like grumps
And others like boogers from Halloween!

But the camel always treats me well
Even during those times that I smell
She looks at me with her long eyelashes
And sticks her tongue at my milk moustaches!

And she lets me ride upon her hump
Which is pretty plump in front of that rump
But the ride gets me out of any slump
Because the ride goes bumpety, bumpety, bump!

And this is why I tell you that the camel
Is, by far, my favorite animal
Because the camel is always good for a smile
She brings happiness to this most grateful child.

So if you’re ever feeling in the dumps
And need someone to get you over that hump
Just hop aboard the hump of a camel
And she’ll turn that frown bumpety up!