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Giant Anteater

Oh Romeo
How I chant
When I see a chunky ant!

Oh Romeo
What a sight
Is a big and juicy termite!

I sing with love
Because I know
That in front, crawling,
Down below
Are ants and termites
That belong
On my sticky tongue
Of two feet long!

And to my stomach
I bequeath
These bugs
Though I have zero teeth!
It seems impossible,
But so they tell me
It’s because I have rocks within my belly!

And on my back
She holds me tight
Latched on like a huge backpack
Super heavy,
But safe from attack
I am a mother
Who deserves a plaque!

So if you ever get to meet her
Give my babe an ant to treat her
As nothing alive is better, sweeter
Than a juicy ant to a giant anteater!