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Orangutan photo

The ape that is first-rate
Is the Orangutan!
It’s fair to state…
I’m not just GREAT…
I AM!!!

Up in the trees
If you do see
Swinging orangutans…

From down below
Just wave hello!
You’re sure to be our fan!

For it is great
To be an ape
As AWESOME as I am!
Gray face, red arms…
Can’t help but charm…

Red Panda

My bushy tail
It cannot fail
To raise the cuteness factor!

My pretty face
Has whiskers, grace –
A mask just like an actor!

And my red hair
Beyond compare!
The best in furry fashion!

Because I’m fun –
You see me run???
I’m awesomeness in action!

So show some love
For red pandas
We’ll give your smiles traction!

For when you see
Little ole’ me!
Smiles… and laughs… they’ll happen!!!


Armored armadillos
Look how fast we go!
Honestly, compared to we,
You humans move so slow!

We’re quick,
We’re strong,
We have long claws,
We just can’t see that well!

But we’re the peak
Of what’s unique
Inside a bony shell!

So if you see
Those big, cute, ears
That long and slender nose

Be sure to state
How we’re first-rate
Because, of course,
We know!



I often climb
In a straight line
To the top of a tree
And I’m the type
Whose tail is striped
And also quite bushy!

I’m not afraid
To tip and raid
A smelly garbage can
I’ll fill my gut
With bugs and nuts
Whatever I can stand!

And you may ask
Who with black mask
Crawls under a bright moon
That would be I!
The savvy, sly,
Night-crawling, masked raccoon!

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Big, long, strong, lean
And very mean
I am the polar bear
You’ll know me by
My dark brown eyes
And beautiful white hair

So powerful
All do tremble
When I am hunting near
Are you aware
The largest bear
Is one to flee and fear?

And I live in
The great North Pole
A place that’s super cold
Big whales and seals
Make fatty meals
Til I’m thirty years old

I dig and pounce
My foes I trounce
I fight for cub and dinner
For ten straight days
I swim away
A great long-distance swimmer!

And if you believe
You may perceive
A polar bear near you
With our sharp claws
And massive jaws
You’d best be in a zoo!



From dawn to dusk
My ivory tusks
Help me in many ways
They fight my foes
Win beauty shows
They are a great display!

And my long trunk
Makes me a hunk!
It’s also versatile!
It bends and grabs
My food it nabs
Gives me a unique smile!

And you’d be right
To say I’m bright
We have intelligence!
Behind big ears
I think it’s clear
We act on common sense!

And so I know
With trumpet blows
You’ll cherish time that’s spent
Gazing the grazing,
Most amazing,
Grey, big, elephant!



Through stink and tell
I use my smell
To tell all, “Stay away!”
For all alone
I like to roam
So don’t get in my way!

My razor claws
Should give one pause
So you had best beware!
If I am seen
I’m vicious, mean,
I’ll fight wolf packs and bears!

I’m furry, long,
And super strong
A fierce fighting machine!
With killer jaws
And mighty paws
Stay clear the wolverine!



Watch out for me
The biggest cat!
The one you can’t ignore!
Beauty, strength, intelligence,
Black stripes and mighty roar!

When in combat
This orange cat’s
A fearsome carnivore!
When I am near
Deer disappear,
As do bison, goats, and boar!

With stinky pee
I’ll mark the trees
Through the forests I explore
Cats and bears
Had best beware
Intruders I deplore!

And with great size
My yellow eyes
Have courage, depth, allure
With grit and “grr”
The fierce tiger
Is a cat you will adore!