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No insect is wiser than the spider
She is tricky with that very sticky web!
You may think you are flying right by her
But before you know it you are stuck within her web!

That icky, sticky, silky, spider web
Is not the place you want to call your bed!
For it’s sticky, and it’s icky, and it’s tricky
Before you know it there’s a spider in that bed!

That spider web is truly beautiful
Miles of thread woven has a magic pull!
But no matter if your life is plain or dull
It won’t get better in a web that’s magical!

For not all beauty is meant to be seen
And if you get stuck, you’ll know what I mean!
A spider’s web is meant to catch dummies
And if a dummy, you’ll feel crummy, and be yummy!

So do not be the very yummy fly!
Do not sing my dummy lullaby!
For no insect is wiser than a spider
The last words of this stuck bug writer!