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Dung Beetle

Some people eat ice cream scoops
And others eat yogurt scoops
But dung beetles eat a different scoop
Scoops and scoops and scoops of poop!

Scoops and scoops and scoops of poop!
Does it smell?
Oopsy doop!
Keep dung beetles in the loop!
For we just love those scoops of poop!

Everybody needs to eat
Some of you
Love red meat
Others prefer
Shredded wheat
And still some more
Love red beets!

So why would you
Think it’s gross?
That dung beetles eat
What you like the most?
We just prefer it
In your poop
As everyone poops
So do you!

So even if you
Drop a bomb!
There is no reason
For alarm!
For there are lots of
Little bugs!
To scoop it to our
Poopy farms!

You might think
We beetles odd!
But we beetles think
You people odd!
For more insects love
The taste of poop!
Than there exist of people
That’s the truth!

So next time
You now know what to do
When you see a dung beetle
Crawling next to you
Forget about the silly bathroom
Just let one loose
He’ll be happy too!

For everybody
Needs to poop
It would be a smelly world
Without them to
Eat up all our stinky poop
What a hoot are these
Bugs for poop!

Scoops and scoops and scoops of poop!
Feed us well!
With your poop!
Keep dung beetles in the loop
For we just love our scoops of poop!