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Instead of jaws
I use big claws
And a long, killer tail

This bug’s not nice
I catch and strike
My tail’s as sharp as nails!

For it’s not fun
When you’ve been stung
By a bad scorpion…

My tail is quick
It makes you sick…
Because it has venom!!!

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

All the buzz
Is just because
There is no bug like me

I fly around
With butt that’s round
A pretty fine hiney

And don’t you know
I’m black, yellow
And look a bit fuzzy

But here’s the thing
That butt can sting –
I am not cuddly!

So do not touch
I don’t ask much –
But that you don’t bug me!

Because I am
A garden’s gem
The pretty bumble bee!

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

All the buzz
Is just because
There is no bug like me

This bug survives
Within a hive
By making sweet honey

I work all day
So that I may
Provide for my great queen

She is a beaut
Yes super cute
The biggest bug I’ve seen!

So if you see
A honey bee
In service to his queen

Just give me space
And do not chase
It kills me to be mean!


No insect is wiser than the spider
She is tricky with that very sticky web!
You may think you are flying right by her
But before you know it you are stuck within her web!

That icky, sticky, silky, spider web
Is not the place you want to call your bed!
For it’s sticky, and it’s icky, and it’s tricky
Before you know it there’s a spider in that bed!

That spider web is truly beautiful
Miles of thread woven has a magic pull!
But no matter if your life is plain or dull
It won’t get better in a web that’s magical!

For not all beauty is meant to be seen
And if you get stuck, you’ll know what I mean!
A spider’s web is meant to catch dummies
And if a dummy, you’ll feel crummy, and be yummy!

So do not be the very yummy fly!
Do not sing my dummy lullaby!
For no insect is wiser than a spider
The last words of this stuck bug writer!

Praying Mantis

She might promise you some bliss
At the moment of a kiss
But before you even know it
It’s your own head you will miss!

For when a boy meets girl
He may find her really sweet
But instead of holding hands
That boy’s head the girl will eat!

She’s beautiful, but,
She’s the one a boy can’t kiss!
Watch out, boys!
For the Praying Mantis!


What is a rose
By any other name?
Who cares?
Who knows?
It is not the same!

For what is a ladybug
By any other name?
But maybe a boy bug
Who does not go insane!

For how would you feel if your was Ann
But every day they called you the “Macho Macho Man”?
Or what if your name just happened to be Earl
But every day they called you the prettiest of girls?

Now think how I feel
When my name is Doug
But everyone insists
On calling me a ladybug!

For instead of talking about my pretty red wings
Or how you think my black dots are the cute spots of spring
Or even how I inspire you to buy ladybug earrings
Maybe once you could talk about the manliest of things!

How about mentioning my six black arms?
Which smother bad bugs who cause good plants lots of harm?
Or what about my superhero combat skills?
How I fly around a garden saving plants from aphid ills!

So forever more know there is more to a ladybug
Than just how a ladybug might be a lady bug
For some ladybugs are extremely manly bugs!
And next time you see one, ask him if his name is Doug!

For yes, there are ladybugs who are extremely pretty
But there are some like me who are very tough and gritty
So instead of going about just calling us ladybugs
Be considerate and ask first if we are Mister Ladybugs!

For my name is Doug
And I hope you remember this:

I am not just a ladybug
I am a manly ladybug!