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The pirate parrot
On the great high seas
Sails around for gold to seize
With a crew of twenty chimpanzees
And some tissue paper in case of a sneeze

“Yar!” he chirps to a chimp on the mast
“Find us gold and find it fast!
Find it before I have to sneeze
Find it fast, oh pretty please!”

“Aye, captain, may your eyes behold
Up ahead I see we gold!
Up beyond the green seaweed
Lies the gold our piggy banks need!”

“Yar! Sail the ship like the fastest car!”
We need to touch those golden bars!”
And so the crew replied with “Arr!”
To get a hold of golden bars!

They let down their sails
They measured the wind
And with a strong gale
The ship turned like a fin!

They sailed really good
They sailed really fast
As fast as they could
To touch gold, at last!

But just as the ship had reached the shore
With gold in their reach — there came a roar!
It came in the sound of a loud “Ha-Choo!”
And all was doomed, the crew now knew!

“My dearest crew, we have an issue
That there was my last tissue!
What if my beak makes another sneeze?
Back we go! Oh pretty please!”

And woe to that crew, because of that sneeze
They turned the ship around and sailed back to sea
But of their captain they were still proud
As his sneezes were as messy as they were loud!

And so though the chimps all wanted gold
That dream they knew they would have to hold
For one day they might have those riches untold
But right now they had snot, but not tissues to hold!