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Super wise
With great big eyes
A regular head turner
I’m lightning quick
Fat mice I pick
A watchful and quick learner!

I’m super cute
One can’t refute –
My great and graceful beauty!
And every night
With great delight
I hoot a lot – so sue me!

Around the world
There’s just one bird
For whom all need to root
So come and see
Head bobbing me
The owl is a hoot!!!



Listen for the owl
For owls love to hoot
Atop a tree
I’ll search and see
Then swoop and scoop my loot!

I am wise
Have great big eyes
A watchful and quick learner
There’s no dispute
This bird is cute
A regular head turner!

So if you see
Atop a tree
This bird of the night skies
Be real nice
Point out the mice
I’ll take them by surprise!