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Super wise
With great big eyes
A regular head turner
I’m lightning quick
Fat mice I pick
A watchful and quick learner!

I’m super cute
One can’t refute –
My great and graceful beauty!
And every night
With great delight
I hoot a lot – so sue me!

Around the world
There’s just one bird
For whom all need to root
So come and see
Head bobbing me
The owl is a hoot!!!



From wing to wing
We’re amazing
The longest bird across!
You don’t know size
Until your eyes
Have seen an albatross!

When they expand
My great wingspan
Uses technique sublime
I fly all day
In such a way
My wings flap not one time!

A true bird lover
Would discover
This bird that’s enormous
To come across
An albatross
Is to behold what’s gorgeous!

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

If you’d inspect
This bird’s diet
You’d find we eat insects!
It’s not absurd
We are just birds
What else would one expect?

And yet we know
With our red glow
You shall remember us
Across the world
There are few birds
So lovely and gorgeous

And once we pair
Our lives we share
So it’s a HUGE first kiss!
One love; one match
So eggs can hatch!
We are Scarlet Ibis!



Listen for the owl
For owls love to hoot
Atop a tree
I’ll search and see
Then swoop and scoop my loot!

I am wise
Have great big eyes
A watchful and quick learner
There’s no dispute
This bird is cute
A regular head turner!

So if you see
Atop a tree
This bird of the night skies
Be real nice
Point out the mice
I’ll take them by surprise!



If you saw a slimy worm
You might say, “oh yuck!”
But to me,
They’re so tasty,
From the mud, I’ll dig and pluck!

But I will quack, if I look back,
And see foxes run amuck
Then I’ll fly,
While they’ll ask why,
Without wings, on ground, they’re stuck!

For if you see this pretty bird
I tell you, you’re in luck!
On land or sea,
No bird’s like me,
The flapping, quacking, duck!


I stalk my prey up in the sky
The mouse below can’t see so high
Then I dive like a lightning strike
For mouse-meat is the meat I like!

Penguins, kiwis, and emus–
May be the greatest birds to ever walk —
But if you ask me who’s the best flying bird
I’ll tell you it’s the mighty hawk!

Bald Eagle

The greatest bird to ever exist!
Why, you ask? Well, let’s make a list:
Majestic, brave…
Powerful, fast…
A beauty that can’t be surpassed!
Mighty, keen…
A sight for bliss…
Most wonderful!
Do you get the gist?
Super, awesome…
What is a word I may have missed?
Strong! Free!
“The Very Best” might top that list!
No, wait! Of course!
There is one thing more…
Have you ever seen a Bald Eagle soar?