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No road to toads is ever long
We hop along! We croak our songs!
Our legs are long! Our legs are strong!
And yet on roads…
We don’t belong!

For though our legs be long and strong
And though we’re great – don’t get me wrong!
This toad’s one wish
Is not to go “SQUISH!
But so go toads…
Where cars roll on!!!



I am an amphibian
And to help you understand:
A tadpole swims in a fish bowl
While a frog jumps on the land

A tadpole is much like a fish
That’s what I am when I’m young
But then I grow
Four legs below
With a long and sticky tongue!

That tongue is quick,
With glue-like stick,
I use it to collect
Lots of food
When in the mood
For a big and tasty insect!

Perhaps one day you’ll see
Me in a “feats of leap” exhibit
As there’s no better jumper
Than the frog who croaks out: “ribbit!”