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A Love Poem To Love Poems!

Mucha - Moon

I’m writing eight love poems
Because seven ain’t enough!
I thought that I was done at six…
But dang this life is tough!

They open heart; they open mind
They give this guy the feels…
To turn to words those wondrous eyes
Makes heart a hamster wheel!!!

What have I here?!?!
Boo-yah!! New cheer!!!
Somehow I’ve finished eight!?!?!
A love poem to love poems?
Oh my — How I’m so GREAT!!!

To number nine?
Why not?!?!?! I’ll try!!!
It’s really not that late…
Such moments spent in loving
Make my world a loving place!!!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In short, say FDR!
Each president’s important
But this man’s our rock star!

The time he spent
As president
Frankly, it has no peer!
His service earned
Him four great terms
In the White House for 12 years!

And in that time
One will not find
A man who has done more!
He led us through depression!
He led us through World War!

The world today
Is a better place
Because of this great man
He fought evil
Sought the peaceful
Brought change across all lands!

We must remember heroes
And FDR is one –
His legacy
Is a world that’s free!
A true American!

King Cobra

king cobra

There are many kinds of snakes:
There’s vipers, adders, boas…
But none’s as cool
As this snake that rules:
The long, deadly, King Cobra!

When I’m surprised
I raise head high
And stretch my neck out wide
It’s just my way
To simply say:

I’m not your friend
Touch me – you’re dead!
My fangs are filled with venom!
Like lightning strikes
I’ve a quick bite
I’m a snake to stay away from!

I’m unique, cool,
But this snake rules…
By causing lots of fear!
So now you know
The King Cobra
Is a snake not to be near!


Orangutan photo

The ape that is first-rate
Is the Orangutan!
It’s fair to state…
I’m not just GREAT…
I AM!!!

Up in the trees
If you do see
Swinging orangutans…

From down below
Just wave hello!
You’re sure to be our fan!

For it is great
To be an ape
As AWESOME as I am!
Gray face, red arms…
Can’t help but charm…

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

America’s for freedom
Yet many were not free
In our land – an evil –
It’s name was slavery

The south wanted more money
And so committed sin
They said a person could be owned
If they had darker skin!!!

But Abraham Lincoln
He said, “Stop it! No more!”
Good Abe, he knew, we are born free –
Yet slave owners yelled, “war!!!”

And so began across the land
The U.S. Civil War
Many died while mommas cried
The guns and cannons roared!

But in the end
Though Abe was dead
Murdered!!! A tragedy!!!
His strength, vision,
Saved our nation
Abe ended slavery!!!

George Washington

Many of my readers come from GB… such a relatively small place… yet so tremendously literate and interested in poetry 🙂 … well, those dear readers… just look away — here’s a poem for the Yankees!!!… though, truth be told, it features a little nod to the Scots and Aussies ;-)…

George Washington

The President – who’s number one –
Is our George Washington!
This man was bright
He knew what’s right
And, of course, that’s…

With our army
Through storms and freeze
He made the British run!
And at Yorktown
He took them down
America –

And so began
Through this great man
The great United States!
He shipped red coats
And gave us votes –
A democratic nation!

And though today
We go to games
And have a ton of fun!
Let’s not forget
The FIRST!!!
The BEST!!!
Thank you –
George Washington!!!


The wild, wily, crocodile knows just where to snack
The wildebeest come from the east and fall into its trap
Upon the land, those beasts are grand, they stand at five feet tall
But in rivers, they are dinner – a feast for crocs to haul!
On water’s edge, that wicked ledge, is where the crocs attack
There’s no release for wildebeest after that snout goes snap!
With terrific grip, wildebeest dip, under the river’s waves,
And under there, as the croc’s fare, the doomed wildebeest stays.
So now you know, what lurks below, with steady, stealthy gaze
The crocodile’s toothy smile waits below the waves!
And if you see some wildebeest, you could yell, “hey, go back!”
But they won’t heed, for they’re a breed that always stays on track.

Red Panda

My bushy tail
It cannot fail
To raise the cuteness factor!

My pretty face
Has whiskers, grace –
A mask just like an actor!

And my red hair
Beyond compare!
The best in furry fashion!

Because I’m fun –
You see me run???
I’m awesomeness in action!

So show some love
For red pandas
We’ll give your smiles traction!

For when you see
Little ole’ me!
Smiles… and laughs… they’ll happen!!!

Animal Sounds

Truly, in my opinion, our purpose in life is love — whether a person has it in his/her life and shares it with others. Along with ensuring access to necessities such as food, health, and shelter (and protecting life in all forms) — love is really what keeps me going. Anyway, I attempted to communicate that message with this picture book poem. Let me know though if you think it’s too preachy… 😛

A tiger grrs
A cuckoo coos
A grey wolf howls…
Under the moon

A lion roars
A possum whines
Nightingales sing…
Sweet lullabies

A puppy woofs
A kitten purrs
A toddler cries…
He can’t say words!

An owl hoots
While cobras hiss
My old clock, it goes…
Tick. Tick. Tick.

Bald eagles screech
While people speak
Some aunts they talk…
For weeks on weeks!

A cat meows
A cow – it moos
A jaguar growls…
She’s stuck in zoo!

Frogs croak and croak
Mice squeak and squeak
Big horses neigh
While goats… they bleat…

Bluebirds all chirp
While skunks – “PEE-YEW!!!”
Our noses go, sometimes….

For all around
Are many sounds!
But one alone
Is best – hands down!

Most folks can say it
Yes – you too!
The greatest sound is…
“I love you”.


Is best expressed
Through laughs, smiles, and hugs…

So now
Go practice them
Embrace the world with love…

For though it’s true –
There’s trouble too…
There’s hardship, tears, and pain…

A life with love
Filled with someones
Is truth, purpose,

And change.