The wild, wily, crocodile knows just where to snack
The wildebeest come from the east and fall into its trap
Upon the land, those beasts are grand, they stand at five feet tall
But in rivers, they are dinner – a feast for crocs to haul!
On water’s edge, that wicked ledge, is where the crocs attack
There’s no release for wildebeest after that snout goes snap!
With terrific grip, wildebeest dip, under the river’s waves,
And under there, as the croc’s fare, the doomed wildebeest stays.
So now you know, what lurks below, with steady, stealthy gaze
The crocodile’s toothy smile waits below the waves!
And if you see some wildebeest, you could yell, “hey, go back!”
But they won’t heed, for they’re a breed that always stays on track.

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