Animal Sounds

Truly, in my opinion, our purpose in life is love — whether a person has it in his/her life and shares it with others. Along with ensuring access to necessities such as food, health, and shelter (and protecting life in all forms) — love is really what keeps me going. Anyway, I attempted to communicate that message with this picture book poem. Let me know though if you think it’s too preachy… 😛

A tiger grrs
A cuckoo coos
A grey wolf howls…
Under the moon

A lion roars
A possum whines
Nightingales sing…
Sweet lullabies

A puppy woofs
A kitten purrs
A toddler cries…
He can’t say words!

An owl hoots
While cobras hiss
My old clock, it goes…
Tick. Tick. Tick.

Bald eagles screech
While people speak
Some aunts they talk…
For weeks on weeks!

A cat meows
A cow – it moos
A jaguar growls…
She’s stuck in zoo!

Frogs croak and croak
Mice squeak and squeak
Big horses neigh
While goats… they bleat…

Bluebirds all chirp
While skunks – “PEE-YEW!!!”
Our noses go, sometimes….

For all around
Are many sounds!
But one alone
Is best – hands down!

Most folks can say it
Yes – you too!
The greatest sound is…
“I love you”.

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