I duck and dodge
A snake’s barrage
I’m too quick for snake strikes!
And when it’s time
I sneak behind
And land my own fierce bite!

If you’re afraid
See snakes parade
Know cobras on the loose!
No need to fear
Just have me near
I’m the fearless mongoose!

2 thoughts on “Mongoose

  1. Stephanie H.

    I would like to use your poem on a gift and would like to give proper attribution. Can you tell me if you wrote the poem and how I should properly attribute it.

    1. knowthemthroughpoems Post author

      Dear Stephanie,

      It makes me very happy that you liked the poem. My dream is to one day write a musical and I am grateful for all of these (mostly silly) rhymes. Yes, I wrote all of the poems on this blog, including this one. Typically, I have gone “anonymous”, because being a poet is not the best identity for one’s career. As long as you’re not profiting from it, or somehow using it in an offensive manner, or using if for some political or religious cause/movement I may not support, you may use this poem on your gift. My name is Peyton, although it’s quite fine if you don’t use my name on your gift. Thanks again for your kind words. If you like, when I write to my friends, I often sign off a poem/letter like this with a “:-P” .. and that may be the best way to attribute it.

      P.S., When looking at my “stats” regarding your message I came across a blog that is using another one of my silly poems (about a dog). They didn’t ask for my permission, but it still makes me happy. It costs a little bit of money to keep a blog like this online, and I often wonder if it’s worth it, but, I suppose if this blog generates even one smile per month, well, it’s worth it. Enjoy your day and thanks for my smile. “:-P”


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