English Mastiff


My mass and weight
Are huge and great
This dog is simply massive!
But don’t you fret
This loving pet
Is gentle, kind, and passive!

Sure, my huge size
Can terrify
But I promise, “don’t me nervous”!
To all who ask
Behind black mask
To love is my great purpose!

Big hugs I prize
And with soft eyes
I’ll tell you life’s a gift!
That is best spent
With a giant,
Lovable Mastiff!

1 thought on “English Mastiff

  1. Chris Saxon

    Lovely poem , my mastiff had to be rehomed because I’m a foster carer and one of the children in my care was cruel to her , they are a gentle giants she never retaliate she just put up with it and didn’t complain , it broke my heart to let that dog go .


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