Killer Whale

killer whale

White and black
It’s just a fact:
The rulers of the ocean
Are those who move
Within a group
With swift and graceful motion

Always vocal
Very social
And extremely smart
As a team
We make it seem
Hunting’s a work of art!

Because no fish,
Not even sharks,
Would dare disturb this creature!
With quick movements,
But teamwork’s our key feature!

Each contest
We meet with zest
Through teamwork we prevail!
As the leader
Of the sea
Is the great Killer Whale!

1 thought on “Killer Whale

  1. Judy Woodworth

    It was kismet coming upon your site today. I’m preparing a presentation for 150 preschool teachers. I’m going to show them how to make an Orca Finger Puppet. However, I’ve also been asked to center my presentation of the book, The Crayon Box that Talked which is about working together/cooperation. Your beautiful poem is the perfect “tie-in” between the make-and-take and the oral presentation. Would you give me permission to share this with the teachers and we will recite it together once we all have our finger puppets complete. I think your name is Gabe, but I don’t see a last name. Your poetry is wonderful and your name should be attached to each of your poems. Thanks so much. Judy


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